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As one of the leading storytellers in England. Taffy's recordings are popular as a source for other storytellers, teaching aids or just as entertainment, particularly in cars to shorten the road. Believing that Storytelling is about a developing relationship between the Storyteller and the audience, many of Taffy's recordings are live.
TTI & TT CDO4 - Tales in Trust - Stories entrusted to Taffy from traditional performers that inspire him, namely Betsy Whyte of Montrose and the legendary Ruth Tongue of Somerset. Two members of Scotland's travelling people, Duncan Williamson and Willie McPhee sing and play the pipes respectively for the tribute to Betsy Whyte.
TT CDO6 - Take These Chains From My Heart - A unique biographical programme charting Taffy's progress from Fire Eater to leading Storyteller via a massive stroke. This show, which was written by Jim Woodland, has more laughter than tears and is heartening for anyone who has suffered major illness. A double CD.
TT CDO8 Favourite Tales From The Tale Coat - A unique selection from Taffy's famous Tale Coat - lots of magical animal stories plus one traditional song and two ghost stories.
TT CD09 - Stories From The Storyteller's Garden - A collection of popular tales told in Grasmere's unique Storyteller's Garden, together with songs from Mike O'Connor, Will Noble, Aimée Laura and Sam Thomas. Favourites for all the family!
TT CD1O - Ghosts - Taffy's favourite ghost stories together with a blood-thirsty ballad from Will Noble and smart piping from Matt Seattle.
TT CD11 - Fairy Gold - stories of the Little People, with a rich helping of their music, played by Ron Kavana and Sileas.
TT CD12 - Legends of the North - the legends of the counties of Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham, collected by Taffy for the Millennium and performed by him, with music from Mike O'Connor, The Keelers and the Elliotts of Birtley.
TT CD13 - The Little Cobblestone Maker - dedicated to one of Taffy's main sources of inspiration, Duncan Williamson. Of special note is Death In A Nut, probably the ultimate bereavement story. There's some fine whistling from Dave Williams and a gruesome ghost story which has Taffy doubling with leading Dorset folk musician Tim Laycock.
TT CD14 - Tales for the Young and the Young at Heart - double CD compilation of re-mastered and re-recorded performances of Taffy's favourite family tales from two of his most popular cassette releases, "Raindrops and Birdplops" and "And He's Brought His Own Giant".

The Ghost of the Trenches - folk tales and ghost stories - an army of angels beckons troop to safety ... a haunted U-boat terrifies its crew ....

First World War Folk Tales - a very special collect of legends and folk tales from the First World War era

Midwinter Folk Tales - traditional tales which have their roots in the cold dark nights of winter.
1. Farmer Merryweather's Cow - A picture book with an action tale beautifully illustrated by Ken Lees may be enacted by school groups or parties of families or friends. Published by Lyngham House
2. Stories From The Storyteller's Garden - Five tales from Grasmere's unique Storyteller's Garden, beautifully illustrated by John Crane.
3. Telling Tales - by Taffy Thomas and Dr Steve Killick. A definitive guide to storytelling as emotional literacy. Of special value to anyone wanting to use storytelling in counselling, education or healthcare.
4. Three Golden Apples - a collection of traditional Cumbrian recipes and the stories to go with them. Compiled by three groups of Cumbrian young people with assistance from Taffy and Cumbrian chef and food historian John Crouch, with illustrations by John Crane. The result of a Heritage Lottery "Young Roots" project.
Favourite Tales from the Tale Coat - a unique collection of tales to treasure
Three compilations of traditional tales compiled by educationalist and storyteller Pie Corbett, with performances on CD by Taffy, Pie and Xanthe Gresham. The Teacher's packs teach oral storytelling techniques and include activities for reading, drama and writing. Each contains a CD-ROM with video performances. The children's books each contain an audio CD of the stories.
    Titles are:
  • The Gingerbread Man and other stories, for Ages 4 to 7
  • Dragonory and other stories, for ages 7 to 9
  • The Boy and the Tiger and other stories, for ages 9 to 11.
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